The Doorway to Ecuador’s
Specialty Coffee

We grow and process the finest specialty coffees
 of Ecuador and export directly to our customers.

Hacienda la Papaya is our principal farm. 

Juan Peña is the producer at Hacienda la Papaya, co-founder of CafExporto and advisor to all farms who are part of the CafExporto family of producers.

CafExporto manages dry mill processing, quality control, packing, exportation, sales, and marketing for all producers.

We grow and process the finest specialty coffees of Ecuador and export directly to Roaster Clients throuthout the world. Our attention to quality control and consistency is second to none. Our intention, every day, is to assist our Roaster Clients in delivering to their customers the true and innate qualities found within Ecuadorian coffee.

Since 2009 our award-winning beans (see below) have been exported thought-out the world to Roasters participating in the growing, specialty-coffee market.

We are a small company that understands the needs of roasters and we strive for developing long lasting relationships through personalized customer service.

CafExporto is now working with many other small farms to increase the quality and consistency of their production.  As the production from these farms meets the strict standards of CafExporto, they become qualified to export with us under our name – we call them “Family Farms”.  We have helped many farmers previously unable to find a market for their coffee to become quality producers and to reach financial stability. This part of our mission has developed many happy stories.


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“Before tasting coffee from CAFEXPORTO in 2018, I had limited experience with Ecuadorian coffees – up to that point, I felt that the coffees I had tried were of good quality, but not incredible. We tasted Juan Peña’s coffee for the first time without knowing the origin, and I was sure that the coffee I was drinking was from Ethiopia: it had all these wonderful flavors that up until then, I had reserved for the birthplace of coffee.
Visiting Juan and his team at CAFEXPORTO twice now has inspired me immensely, both as a coffee professional as well as a consumer of specialty coffee. The work Juan does is unique in quality and focus, and produces world-class coffees. The drive I’ve seen from the CAFEXPORTO team encourages me to continue to keep pushing boundaries and to communicate to consumers what makes these coffees so special. I believe that CAFEXPORTO and its influence on how coffee is produced and sold have the ability to affect, on a global scale, the consumer’s view of what coffees from Ecuador can be. “
Kay Cheon has participated 3 years in a row in the US Barista Championship with the coffee from Hacienda La Papaya. 2018 (3rd place), 2019 (6th place) and 2020 (2nd place).

“Joe Marocco reached out to me to alert me to the fact that this amazing coffee was on hold in Dustin’s name. It was, according to Joe, the highest cupping coffee so far this year even amongst the other micro-lots from Juan Pena’s farm. He sent me a green sample and it proved itself to be just as amazing as the last years selection. Cole McBride used one of Juan Pena’s micro-lots in this years Barista Championship and it too was spectacular. Joe and Cafe Imports were happy to honor the contract (the coffee would otherwise sell in a heartbeat).. .. ..” Home – January 26, 2017

Our goal is to export the best and freshest coffee to you at the best price available. Accorndingly we have studied all the logistics of export and import track scenarios to develop working relationships with the best facilitators in the world and we have studied the most optimal logistics for the travel of coffee from our farms through all our processes.

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