Who we are

CafExporto manages dry mill processing, quality control, packing, exportation, sales, and marketing for all producers. Our producers include Hacienda la Papaya, Chito Community, The Yunguilla Valley, and Galapagos. These producers are referred to as our Family Farms.

Hacienda la Papaya is our principal farm. 

Juan Peña is the producer at Hacienda la Papaya, co-founder of CafExporto, and advisor to all Family Farms that are part of the CafExporto producers.


We are presently (2024) developing a foundation that includes CafExporto and all the producers from which we purchase coffee. This will eliminate any taxes these producers need to pay and will also, through our sales, develop a fund which we will use to improve education in the communities where we buy and produce coffee. This is a really exciting project.
We have changed our offering from an intention to purchase coffee from across Ecuador to represent various regional profiles to offering only Juan Peña Certified coffees. We can certify that all coffee produced and processed from Family Farms (four distinct regions) are grown and managed under the strict supervision of Juan Peña. We cannot control consistency if we do not control the farming methods. 
At our farms, and through a dedication to strict farming standards, we have taught many other Ecuadorian farmers how to apply consistent methods that also allow them to produce some of the world’s finest, specialty coffee and find a market for their product. Many of these producers  are now financially independent. Additionally, we will not pay produces below what is a living wage. For example, when spot prices fell below $1.90 in 2023, we paid the Chito Producers $2.28 a pound. Feel free to ask us the full payment chain for any of our coffees.

It is of great importance to us, and somewhat unique in the world, that ALL aspects of producing, processing, packing, and shipping are under our control.

From the seeds used in our nursery through the dry-mill and quality control, we are able to maintain strict control of all methods. Our world-class logistics team delivers a professional interface with our customers.

If you visit us, you will witness what many others have…..Hacienda la Papaya is a world leader in using advanced monitoring systems to measure plant nutrition and to respond with formulations of fertilizer that meet all the needs to grow the most healthy, dense, and flavorful beans.

and quality are
the constant focus

If you order and love our coffee one year, you will have the same experience – or better – year after year. You can build a full menu of coffee using CafExporto and depend upon us.
Our principal farm, Hacienda la Papaya, is a little farm in Ecuador where Juan Peña produces some of the world’s finest, specialty coffee. We are not the only ones who think so .. ..  ➔

Meet the Team

Co Founder, CEO

The Company started as a family business 11 years ago, and is now, one of the leaders in specialty coffee in Ecuador and has earned international recognition. Juan’s commitment to quality has resulted in CAFEXPORTO and associated baristas receiving top awards for several years of events held by the US COFFEE CHAMPIONSHIP and SPRUDGE magazine. As a means to increase production, Juan has brought his knowledge and work ethic to other farms in Ecuador allowing these producers, previously unable to find a market, to improve their quality and export their coffee as part of the CAFEXPORTO family. Juan holds an undergraduate degree in business administration and an engineering degree in agronomy from the University of Cuenca.

Co-Founder, Business Development

Philip has served in many executive positions during his 40 years of business experience in the United States. Most recently he served as a managing partner of Stone Canyon Venture Partners, LP., a venture capital fund headquartered Southern California. He moved to Cuenca, Ecuador in 2012 where he helped a local rose farm start Ecuador Direct Roses, a farm to florist service. Philip holds a degree in marketing and finance from the University of Denver.

Administrative Director

She has been involved in each of the projects for 11 years where she has stood out for the design of key strategies and constant execution focused on the fulfillment of strategic objectives. In addition, her experience in the administrative field and leadership in export and logistics issues in sectors such as floriculture and coffee growing, allow her to direct all the coordination of the coffee export processes of CAFEXPORTO. With her work, she ensures the satisfaction of each client in the shipment and receipt of each order.

Production and quality control

Juan Andres, an accomplished agricultural engineer, specializes in ensuring the quality of green coffee. Holding an international bachelor’s degree in the control of green coffee quality: Q Arabica grading, he brings a wealth of expertise to our team. His professional journey includes directing and overseeing the overall operations of the CAFEXPORTO production plant. Through strategic planning and collaboration with the sales department, he actively contributes to marketing initiatives targeting both domestic and international markets. Juan Andres is dedicated to maintaining the physical and organoleptic quality of the final exportable coffee product, reflecting his commitment to excellence in the coffee industry.

Farm manager

Segundo is in charge of all farm operations for CAFEXPORTO. Segundo was born in 1975, in the town of La Papaya and he has always lived in this coffee sector. He worked at Hacienda La Papaya as a gardener for 4 years and then served as the leader of the team for wet milling and coffee drying processing. Segundo has always been a key participant in the execution of the research that CAFEXPORTO carries out with the University of Cuenca. During his work at CAFEXPORTO he has been motivated to start his own production as he has gained technical knowledge by working with Juan Peña. He grows his own coffee, in the town of La Papaya, in an area of one hectare, together with his wife Hilda Segundo and their six children. Ilda also works as one of the leaders of the harvest team at CAFEXPORTO farms. Segundo is always excited to know where his coffee is going and how people enjoy it.

Production Leader

She is the information management leader within the entire production process at Cafexporto for 5 years where she knows perfectly the operation of each of the machines that process our coffee. She has extensive knowledge in handling industrial machinery and is aware at all times that all the machines work like clockwork in the warehouse. Her fundamental job is to take care of every detail and improve the physical quality of all the grains.