As we have begun to source coffee from different locations throughout Ecuador, it has become important for us to explain how we are different from an “Exporter”.  In our nature we are, and always will be, a producer (a farmer) of coffee. We follow each kilogram of coffee from all farms through all our processes as if it were from our farm at Hacienda la Papaya. With this in mind, we have established the mark, “Juan Peña Certified” so that when this mark appears, customers know the coffee has been processed and packaged at our plant. As Hacienda la Papaya has earned a reputation for the superb cultivation of coffee beans, CafExporto is earning a reputation for the offering of diverse specialty coffees, world-class processing, packaging and customer service.

At our bodega and office here in Cuenca, Ecuador we maintain a state-of-the-art coffee Laboratory. Before any coffee is shipped here for processing, the producer must first send samples for us to confirm the coffee meets certain standards. Only then, may the producer send their coffee for processing. This is especially important in our Ref. #5, Chito Blend, where many producers participate in this coffee. Without this process, we would receive too much lower quality coffee to keep the Blend at its present quality. The same is true for coffee from Yunguilla, Pichicha and now Galapagos.

This year, we have also purchased one moisture and density tester for our lab and one moisture tester for Hacienda la Papaya.  Each of these testers are the best in the industry made by GEHAKA of Brazil. This will bring the highest level of control for measuring moisture and density. The tester shown in the middle of this photo is one often used by coffee producers – including Hacienda la Papaya in the past.

All coffee sold by CafExporto is dry-mill processed in our bodega under the watchful eyes of Juan Pena and Juan Andres Tapia.  Both are Q-Graders. All coffees are cupped every two weeks from the time of their harvest and past the time of their export. With our new investment in processing equipment (described n prior email), CafExporto has the most modern dry-mill in Ecuador. When coffee arrives at our warehouse Juan Andres watches over it daily as he calibrates the dry-mill to reject all defects. During packing, samples are taken from every few boxes to assure consistency.

To date, coffee has been shipped to our customers wrapped tightly in GranPro and placed in sturdy, 25 Kg. boxes.  Shipments have been made throughout the world with coffee always maintaining the same quality as that sampled. This year, CafExporto will begin to vacuum pack limited quantities of the 2023 harvest. At present, we must balance this with Ecuador’s need to open coffee bags leaving Ecuador for narcotics inspection and the preferences of customers.

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