About four years ago, we needed to decide whether to stay as a small farm or to grow into the place where customers throughout the world could find the finest Specialty Coffee of Ecuador.  We chose the latter.  As the result of offering great coffee each year and of finding some of the greatest customers in the world, we have slowly grown sales. Some years, the demand for our coffee has outstripped our production. Although this seems like a quality problem, we do not think so.  We take very seriously, the need to be here for our customers and to provide what they need.
Of course, we sell a product whose actual production is in the hands of a power greater than ourselves.  Some years, Nature seems to work against. 

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We enacted the following, pro-active strategies to increase production and varieties on our menu.

La Papaya Sector. At Hacienda la Papaya, we have planted 18,000 plants on 8 new acres since 2019. Additionally, since 2021, the number of neighbor farms has increased from 3 to 16. These neighboring farms will collectively produce the same quantity as Hacienda la Papaya.  In all cases, these neighbor farms are producing from the same seeds and are using the same cultivation methods as Hacienda la Papaya.  All coffee from this sector will be processed (wet-milled) at Hacienda la Papaya.

Other Regions. Each year, we will be adding farms from the following sectors: Yunguilla (Azuay Province), Nanegal (Pichincha Province), and Galapagos (San Cristóbal), Chito (Zamora Chinchipe Province), Macas (Morona Santiago Province),.  Yunguilla has a very dry, post-harvest climate and is perfect for processing great naturals. 

Communities. In 2021, we started working with several small communities across southern Ecuador. Initially, these communities are providing a blend that we sell at a lower price than our high-point varieties. This blend cups at about 85.5+ points. We have also been sending Typica and Sidra seeds from Hacienda la Papaya to these communities that are being planted for future exportation. This is bringing new life to numerous producers in these origins.  

The combination of these strategies, to increase supply and to offer an ever-expanding menu of profiles, produces the following production projections. We never forget that in our most basic aspect, we are farmers, and Nature can produce variables that affect actual production volumes.

CafExporto and Hacienda la Papaya initiated a growth program in 2019 to fulfill the strategy of becoming THE source for specialty coffee from Ecuador. The tactics include: (i) planting more coffee in the La Papaya Sector (both at Hacienda la Papaya and neighboring farms); (ii) Bringing on new farm/partners in other regins; and, (iii) Developing relationships with several producing communities to purchase blends and to plant new Typica and Sidra mother seeds from Hacienda la Papaya. We want customers to know that part of our mission is to be here, growing with your needs – always delivering the the quality that built us.

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