About four years ago, we needed to decide whether to stay as a small farm or to grow into the place where customers throughout the world could find the finest Specialty Coffee of Ecuador.  We chose the latter.  As the result of offering great coffee each year and of finding some of the greatest customers …


Experimental Coffees and Assistance with Competitions

EXPERIMENTAL PROCESSES FOR ROASTERSDuring the last years we have developed new processes working hand-in-hand with certain clients searching for a unique product. We call this our Experimental Coffee Program.We carry out these investigations under the strict control parameters agreed between the client and ourselves at Hacienda la Papaya and our laboratory at CafExporto. Even though experimenting …

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As we have begun to source coffee from different locations throughout Ecuador, it has become important for us to explain how we are different from an “Exporter”.  In our nature we are, and always will be, a producer (a farmer) of coffee. We follow each kilogram of coffee from all farms through all our processes as if it were from our farm at Hacienda la Papaya.

New Seeds

In an effort to grow with our customers in offerings, we have obtained seeds of new varieties from recognized farms in Columbia and Ethiopia. We have planted 150 seeds of each plant in our “Genetic Bank” to preserve the integrity of the mother plants of each variety. The new varieties that we are planting include: LAURINA.-  …

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Investment in New Post Harvest Equipment

CafExporto is making a significant investment in our post-harvest, production line, dry-mill equipment. Presently our coffee makes one pass through the dry-mill equipment line which includes: threshing1, mechanical-classification table2, air purifier3, and densimetric table4. We are adding three conveyer-towers and an optical scanner to improve working conditions, provide continuous passes through the equipment, and enhance …

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