New Seeds

In an effort to grow with our customers in offerings, we have obtained seeds of new varieties from recognized farms in Columbia and Ethiopia. We have planted 150 seeds of each plant in our “Genetic Bank” to preserve the integrity of the mother plants of each variety. The new varieties that we are planting include:

LAURINA.-  The Laurina tree is distinguished by its long and pointy beans that vary from 12 to 15 inches.
Laurina is a light, transparent coffee that in some ways seems more akin to tea. Its caffeine percentage is around 0.6%, compared to 1.2-1.6% in most other arabica coffees. Laurina is very sweet, with a fruity, floral aroma and its hugely popular variety. 

SUDAN RUME.-  Is an exceptionally rare coffee with a beautiful flavor profile. As its name suggests, the varietal was discovered in the country of Sudan near its border with Ethiopia. As the harvest can be incredibly small, this coffee is a classic case of quality over quantity. 
Its yield is medium, and the beans are large and long. The sweet spice, tea- like, and floral characteristics offers an insight into the pristine character of this uncommon coffee. It is a very fragrant coffee.

PINK BOURBON.- These seeds were obtained in Armenia, Columbia. Pink Bourbon is challenging to cultivate.
Very fruity profile and sweet with floral tones. Perfect Balance. Pink Bourbon is a rare and coveted find. A hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, this varietal stands out in every way—from the striking pink color of its ripe coffee cherries to the sweetly complex flavor of its beans. Floral aromas with lavender and pink grapefruit notes and a creamy mouthfeel. Even in ideal growing conditions. 

ETHIOPIA PAPAYA.- Through relationships in the industry, we were delivered seeds from Ethiopia, from a coffee that has amazing qualities. We are calling it “Ethiopia Papaya”. We are planting this seed with very little local experience. Actually, we have no idea how this will turn out ……. As this plant grows, we will learn more about it and let you know. Fun to watch as mother nature delivers what is there and what we do not know. 

GEISHA COLUMBIA – This is another delivery by a friend in Columbia who grows some of the best Geisha in that country. As with Ethiopia Papaya, we will have more to say as we gain experience cultivating and tasting this coffee.

These new coffees are expected to be in production in 2025.