Purchase directly from the farmer and move the farm closer to the cup. If you do not need the middleman, buy direct and guarantee transparency in the transaction.

Everything grows richer and stronger in Ecuador. We have 12 hours of consistent sunlight every day of the year. All plants and trees thrive here and produce the deepest flavors and colors of any other climates.

Ecuador is only the size of Oregon but is the world’s most biodiverse country. The many, Mountainous valleys of Ecuador each produce a distinct coffee bean with unique flavors.

Consistency and quality are the constant focus of CAFEXPORTO. If you order and love our coffee one year, you will have the same experience year after year. You can build a full menu of coffee using CAFEXPORTO and depend upon us.

Our farm and the other member farms have a rich history in our country and are part of our deep culture. We love our history and we also invest heavily in agronomy-based technology. This research costs money but has paid off in advancing the quality of our beans every year. You might be interested in reading about our research relationship with the University of Cuenca

We are the farm and through our dedication to strict farming standards, we have taught many other Ecuadorian farmers how to apply consistent methods that also allow them to produce some of the world’s finest, specialty coffee and find a market for their product.

If you are looking for the least expensive coffee, we are not priced for you. The cost of maintaining a consistent quality and of research for improvement keeps our coffee priced above mid-point. Also, Ecuadorian farm workers are paid more. In U.S. equivalent, we pay our laborers more than double what the average Peruvian or Columbian farm worker earns.


We are very proud to announce our offering for this year. We have spent the last year on all of our member farms overseeing the highest standards for the production of coffee beans that we are proud to put under the name of CAFEXPORTO.  The following describes our five offerings for this year.

-FULLY WASHED               CROP 2020

-NATURAL               CROP 2020

-ANAEROBIC               CROP 2020

-CARBONIC MACERATION               CROP 2020

-HONEY               CROP 2020


Our goal is to export the best and freshest coffee to you at the best price available. Accorndingly we have studied all the logistics of export and import track scenarios to develop working relationships with the best facilitators in the world and we have studied the most optimal logistics for the travel of coffee from our farms through all our processes.

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